18yo Nizhny Novgorod gunman found dead in woods near shooting spree scene, police suspect suicide



Following an overnight manhunt, Russian police found the body of a young man who opened fire at a bus stop near Nizhny Novgorod, killing three people. The shooter took his own life, investigators believe.

The dead body of the 18-year-old, identified previously as Daniil Monakhov, was found in a forest near a suburban village, Russia’s Investigative Committee told journalists Tuesday. Detectives believe he committed suicide but have not provided further details yet.

Local residents also confirmed to Nizhny Novgorod’s nn.ru outlet that they saw the young man’s body lying near an abandoned boiler room. Police officers and the regional National Guard searched the area throughout the night.

Monakhov went on a rampage earlier on Monday, not long after he had an argument with his grandmother. He gravely wounded her with a gunshot and then shot dead a neighbor before firing his smoothbore rifle at people waiting for a bus.

Three people were killed, and the same number were critically injured. Regional media previously reported that the grandmother succumbed to her injuries, bringing the death toll to four, but there is no official confirmation so far.

The shooter then fled the scene in a KIA car with two hunting weapons and roughly 40 rounds on him. Police said a license for one of the rifles was legally obtained months ago when Monakhov turned 18.

Investigators say the teenager was a firearms enthusiast. He was “fond of [studying] weapons properties, design and history,” a police official told TASS news agency. Classmates described him as a quiet person and an enthusiastic PC gamer.

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