According to ECZ, investigations into the Kanyama violence are underway, and there will be consequences.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has launched an investigation into the deadly incident that occurred in Lusaka’s Kanyama Constituency.

ECZ Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Royd Katongo, warned during a press conference in Chongwe District that appropriate action will be taken against those involved in the alleged murder of two Patriotic Front (PF) supporters.

Mr. Katongo stated that the Commission strongly condemns the barbaric act that resulted in deaths and a violation of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

He said ECZ is disappointed with the continued acts of violence among political parties even after issuing warnings in the recent past.

“ECZ is deeply saddened by the incident in Kanyama Constituency in Lusaka in which the lives of two Patriotic Front (PF) supporters were allegedly murdered,” Mr. Katongo stated.

He reminded that the Commission has in recent past issued warnings to political players to conduct themselves in line with provisions of the electoral code of conduct.

Mr. Katongo appealed to all political stakeholders to remain calm and avoid any retaliatory acts as the Commission was carrying out investigations for appropriate actions.

Vice President Inonge Wina lectures the PF aspiring parliamentary and council candidates in Kabwe on PF manifesto in kabwe
Vice President Inonge Wina lectures the PF aspiring parliamentary and council candidates in Kabwe on PF manifesto in kabwe

Meanwhile, Vice president, Inonge Wina has commended the people of Bwacha Constituency in Kabwe in Central Province, for conducting peaceful campaigns.

Mrs. Wina said it is important that peace is maintained in the country during and after the August 12 general elections.

She stated that President Edgar Lungu has on many occasions condemned violence during elections hence the need for peace to prevail.

Mrs wina said the President Lungu has indicated that it is not violence that wins an election, but a vote that will change the scenario of political leadership.

Speaking when she held a meeting with aspiring candidates for Bwacha constituency in the August 12 elections, for both constituency and local government in Kabwe this morning, Mrs. Wina said the country has committed itself to upholding the democratic tenets of governance.

Mrs Wina said Zambia should pride itself for the stance the forefathers took of uniting people under the one Zambia one Nation motto.

” It was not easy during the colonial time, the country was divided into tribes which came into urban centres. That’s why the late Kenneth Kaunda came up with the idea of unifying us as a country,” she said.

And the Vice president has encouraged the Patriotic Front members to be reporting the perpetrators of violence.

Mrs. Wina said she has observed that PF members always take a back sit in reporting violence and its perpetrators.

” Let us report violence acts to election conflict management committees so that we take account of what happened during the campaign. It is very important for the government to know what is going on during and after elections,” she said.

Meanwhile, Bwacha Constituency Parliamentary candidate, Sydney Mushanga said the party has worked well since the inception of campaigns.

Mr. Mushanga thanked government for the support rendered to the Parliamentary and local government aspiring candidates during the campaign period and assured PF victory in the fourth coming elections.

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