Another 130 migrants are being flown to Haiti by Mexico.

Mexico flew 129 Haitian migrants back to their home country on Wednesday, officials said, following the start of flights to the capital of Port-au-Prince last week, amid a surge in Haitian migrants crossing the border through Mexico.

In recent days, the United States has cleared thousands of Haitian migrants from a camp near the Mexican border in Del Rio, Texas, in part through expulsions to Haiti. Thousands of other migrants have returned to Mexico.

Mexico last week sent what it called a “voluntary return” flight to Haiti with 70 people, including 13 children.

Wednesday’s flight departed from the southern city of Tapachula near the border with Guatemala and was part of an agreement between the Mexican and Haitian governments, Mexico’s migration institute said in a statement.

The Fray Matias de Cordova human rights group expressed its opposition to the flight, saying in a tweet that deporting people to a country where the government cannot guarantee water, housing, food and safety would put lives at risk.

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