Antibiotic abuse by the general public, primarily due to self-prescription concerns Masebo

The government is concerned about the general public’s abuse of medicines, particularly antibiotics, which has resulted in anti-microbial resistance, a situation it describes as retrogressive.

In a statement issued last evening, Minister of Health Silvia Masebo stated that the government has noted that anti-biotics, in particular, are being abused by the general public, primarily through self-prescription, leading to anti-microbial resistance, and has urged members of the public to refrain from abusing medicines.

“As an individual, your role in fighting antimicrobial resistance includes: Not self-prescribe; always finish you course as prescribed by a qualified physician; eating or selling animal and plant products that have been cleared of antimicrobials (ask your veterinary or agricultural officers on withdrawal period following antimicrobial or pesticide use); keeping your hands and environment clean to prevent infections, avoid getting sick, and prevent spreading germs, ” she said.

Meanwhile Mrs. Masebo has disclosed that Zambia has in the last 24 hours recorded a total number of Ninety-Seven (97) new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported out of the Six Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty (6,630) tests conducted, reflecting a positivity rate of 1.5%.

She further disclosed that the country has recorded a total number of sixty (60) recoveries from both the COVID facilities and home management, bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to two hundred and two thousand and three hundred and ninety two ( 204,323) and recovery rate of 98%.

Mrs. Masebo said the country recorded no new COVID-19 death, which brought the total number of deaths to three thousand, six hundred and thirty nine (3,639) and that currently, there are six hundred and thirty-seven (637) active cases of COVID19 under community management and in COVID isolation centres.

She has further disclosed that in the last 24 hours, a total number of 2,681 doses of Johnson and Johnson, 383 Dose 1 and 5,501 Dose 2 AstraZeneca and 42 Doses of Sinopharm were administered, bringing the total number of vaccinations administered to 661,699, broken down by dose type as follows: 313,665 Dose 1 vaccinations and 348,034 fully vaccinated, of which 211,116 (61%) are the single dose J&J vaccinations.

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