Antonio Mwanza, PF’s Media Director, resigns.

Antonio Mwanza, the media director for the opposition PF, has announced his resignation with immediate effect.

Mr Mwanza has also resigned from his position as Patriotic Front’s National Youth Chairperson.

On Saturday, he issued a statement to the media in which he stated this.

“This serves to inform all members of the Patriotic Front and the general public that I have with IMMEDIATE EFFECT STEPPED DOWN as the National Youth Chairperson for the Patriotic Front. I wish to remain as an ordinary Member of the Central Committee of the Party,” Mr Mwanza said.

“Further, I wish to indicate that I will also be stepping down as the Party’s Media Director. I pledge my loyalty and commitment to the Party and I pledge to continue working hard for the furtherance of the PF’s agenda,” he said.

“Lastly I want to immensely thank His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for the trust and confidence he has exhibited in me for the appointments; It was a great honour and privilege.”

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