As Chief Kopa promotes President Lungu’s candidacy, 50 headmen get bicycles.

President Edgar Lungu presented bicycles to fifty Chiefs in Chief Kopa’s Chiefdom as part of the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multipurpose Empowerment Cooperative (ECL – MPEC).

And Chief Kopa of the Bisa speaking people has backed President Edgar Lungu’s candidacy for the upcoming 12 August General Elections.

The traditional chief made the statement during the distribution of bicycles to the district’s fifty (50) headmen.

Kanchibiya District Commissioner, Blandina Yombwe and Chief Kopa handed over the bicycles to the headmen.

The traditional leader, who has his hundred percent endorsement for President Lungu said that since Zambia’s independence no Head of State has ever distributed bicycles to the entire country.

“For those of you who were there in 1964, you will agree with me that no President has done what President Lungu has done for the Headmen,” said Chief Kopa.

He has since urged his counterparts in the country to show their appreciation to the President by giving him a vote on August 12.

And Kanchibiya District Commissioner Blandina Yombwe said that the donation were being handed over to the headmen on behalf of the President.

“The President heard your cry and today he has sent this bicycles for you so that you can carry out your duties with easy,” said Ms. Yombwe.

Meanwhile, One of beneficiaries Headman, Emmanuel Chibesa, thanked President Edgar Lungu for the bicycles saying headmen will now be able to carry out their duties with less challenges.

“ In the past they found it difficult to have meetings with the chief on the happening in their villages but now that they have transport it will be easy to travel to the chief’s palace, “Mr. Chibesa said.

He added that President Lungu deserves a vote from the traditional leaders as he has shown that he cares about their plight.

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