Because of everything we have done over the previous ten years, victory is assured for the PF-Kampyongo.

Stephen Kampyongo, a Patriotic Front (PF) member of the central committee (MCC), believes the ruling party will win because of what it has done for Zambians over the last decade.

Mr. Kampyongo remarked today on the Kabusha radio show on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) radio one, which was monitored by ZANIS in Chinsali, that the PF’s campaigns ahead of the August polls had been made easier by the party’s achievements over the last decade.


Mr Kampyongo, who is also Shiwang’andu constituency aspiring candidate, said the PF has transformed the country thus making itself a popular party of choice ahead of the August polls.

He said Chinsali, the provincial headquarters for Muchinga province, now boasts of modern infrastructure befitting a provincial town.

He explained that in the last five years, Chinsali has recorded remarkable infrastructure development that includes Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA ) offices, Police divisional headquarters, National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA ) building, general hospital, and the six and four storey provincial administration blocks, among others.

Mr. Kampyongo, who is former Home Affairs Minister, said a modern and big civic centre has also been constructed in Chinsali to accommodate various departments and ministries that will be devolved to the local authority in line with the Decentralization Policy that the government is implementing.

“We have constructed a modern civic centre at Chinsali as you are aware that we are implementing the Decentralization Policy that will see a number of departments and ministries being devolved to the local authority,” he said.

He disclosed that the provincial administration in Chinsali has since moved into the new offices, leaving the old one under the charge of the District Commissioner.

Mr. Kampyongo added that even without attending public rallies, the PF party, which would focus on road shows and door-to-door campaigns, already has proof of what it has done in the previous ten years.

He went on to say that the ruling party, led by President Edgar Lungu, has done very well in several areas of the economy despite several hurdles, including the Covid-19 epidemic.

He stated that the administration is dedicated to further improving the country’s economy by promoting value adds to diverse commodities.

Mr. Kampyongo also said that the 100 percent acquisition of Mopani Mine will further strengthen the Zambian currency against other major foreign currencies because the company will be able to retain in the Zambian commercial banks its earnings from the sale of copper unlike in the past where copper earnings were externalised.

He said there will be more dollars in the Zambian commercial banks once copper is sold as well as when Zambian companies engage in more value additions and export finished products outside the country.

And Mr. Kampyongo has called on Zambians to seriously take the Covid -19 disease.

He said as Covid-19 survivor, he understands how serious the disease is.

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