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On Thursday, August 20, 2020, I spent most of my time thinking about the career path I chose, way back in 2012. ‘Why journalism?’ I wondered, but without expecting a response. For the record, I’m media shy. Put differently, I have no use for fame. I’m happy living in obscurity, yet influential.

I want to write even the most irksome and detestable topics on Headline Matters, and elsewhere. Yet when you meet me, I should be the most trivial being to have ever lived. No hi and related lingoes of affection!

This is already convoluted to others. But don’t be lost, please. Look here, COMRADES; what do you want to be or your children to be? Yes, every job has occupational threats. That’s why today you see health personnel ‘in the thick of things’ during this raging COVID-19 plague. That’s their job and as precarious as the situation is today, all we have to do is to clap for doctors and nurses, for morale.

To be an outstanding journalist today, I found out on Thursday, you have to be a little more than a being. Social media platforms are spewing second-rate ‘news’ and views, and without deep thinking a journalist can be reduced to nothing. But I’m still here, probably with a little relevance. It’s not my intention to relent, unless something out of this world befalls me. I’m a journalist par excellence! Hazards associated with journalism? Many! But we are still here and please, clap for us.

Then there are police officers! Today, their only pride could be the housing units being built for some of them. But the uniform is exposing them to absolute derision, and at worst being purloined. In either instance, the culprits are political louts. Police don’t mention the political party these political mobsters belong to. I’ll not be stupid to mention the party and be slapped or jeered in a video, like police officers. Once bitten, twice shy!

Teachers, economists, pilots, engineers, accountants, lawyers, agriculturalists, fashion designers, sports people, and other professionals should not remain non-committal when journalists, medical personnel and police officers are being harassed and even slapped by political hoodlums. A trend that is not quickly stopped QUICKLY turns out to be routine. The everyday term to describe these offenders is CADRES and my appeal is that we MUST NOT allow them to continue dominating in Zambia. They have been there for many years but the difference is that these past few years, they can attack anyone and anything, almost willy-nilly. Everybody, including police officers, is taking cover!

Next time you sit with your children to have a CAREER TALK and ask them what they want to do, listen meticulously to their preferences. One fellow will conceivably say ‘I want to be a political cadre.’ Don’t be shocked; they simply want to have that supremacy to raid a frightful police station in the capital city and where possible slap star-crossed cops, junior and senior. The next document they will receive is a police bond! Likewise, you urinate in journalists’ mouths, harass medical personnel and other professionals and there is zero retribution for you. All what happens to you is to earn the title COMMANDER! Who wouldn’t want that? Political cadreism – what a new career, without occupational hazards, in Zambia! Reprehensible!

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