Chambia, the Great Cow, Was Slaughtered!

Mongrels, jackals, hyenas, crocodiles, serpents, monkeys, and vultures had congregated in one location. They all had one goal in mind……they made sure no one knew what they were up to lest they miss out on the great opportunity. They waited quietly in the bushes. It was the year 2015.

Chambia finally arrived on the scene. Her big udder shook from side to side as she wobbled in no particular direction. She was a prized cow in the kraal, well admired both within and beyond the kraal. Year after year, people travelled long distances across forests, mountains, and rivers not only to admire her, but also to claim a fair amount of her milk.

Chambia’s ability to produce enormous amounts of milk was legendary! The more milk was extracted from her, the more she produced. Her udder never seemed to stop lactating.

There was a muffled whisper amongst the mongrels, jackals, hyenas, crocodiles, serpents, monkeys and vultures as excitement swept through the ranks. The moment they had been waiting for had finally arrived. They salivated gluttonously as they surreptitiously rolled their eyes just in case someone was watching. Their heartbeats palpitated spasmodically as they watched Chambia get closer……eager to pounce on her!

Suddenly, she stopped moving. She raised her ears and sniffed the air…….she mooed, ominously. She seemed to sense danger. She looked around momentarily as she pondered her next move. She just had to find her way to the river, no matter what the risk.

As she wrestled with procrastination, a cobra waiting in a burrow on her right flank sprayed its venom in Chambia’s eyes. This immediately produced searing pain forcing Chambia to run around hysterically. The monkey seemed to take pleasure in this. It swung from one of the tree branches and landed on Chambia’s head. It consecutively slapped the cow across the face, and playfully grabbed her ears.

The monkey shrieked with laughter uproariously as Chambia seemed to become more stupefied. As she galloped about confused, she somehow found herself on the fringes of the river.

The crocodile suddenly lunged from the river and dug its teeth deep into Chambia’s neck! She dug her hooves into the ground to avoid being dragged into the river. As if on cue, all the other animals descended on Chambia and immediately got to work tearing her apart. Each of the animals was keen to get choice parts…..briskets, chucks, ribs, short loins, fore shanks, short plates and kidneys.

In the meantime, a hyena thrust her mouth inside the cow and started dismembering her bowels! The monkey pranced about like an excitable kid while sucking on the udder. Once satisfied, she started spraying the milk around recklessly making the other animals drip with milk in the process. As the other animals continued enjoying the steak throwing away the bones, the jackals wasted no time grabbing them and ravaging them!

When the mongrels, jackals, hyenas, crocodiles, serpents and monkeys noticed Kachema coming, they took to their heels in haste. He was in shock! How could they do that to the cow? As he rummaged through what was left of Chambia, a vulture swooped for the udder from atop the tree where it was perched and made off with it high into the sky.

He shade tears of sorrow as he contemplated how he was going to feed those left behind in the kraal.

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