CHANGE IS COMING…as SP unveils 9 MP hopefuls in Muchinga, Luapula, Northern provinces


DR COSMAS Musumali says the Socialist Party is the party of 2021.

Unveiling the party’s 2021 nine adopted parliamentary candidates for constituencies in Muchinga, Northern, Luapula and upper Central Province yesterday, Dr Musumali said a revolutionary transformation of Zambia was on its way.

The aspirants include, Andrew Kalonde (Mpika Central), Modi Nonde Chisha (Chitambo Constituency), Humphrey Kunda (Lunga Constituency) Maximo Mutambo Sinkonde (Nsenga Hills), Margret Kangwa Pikiti (Malole Constituency), Mulenga Chiluba (Kanchibiya Constituency), Naomi Nanyangwe (Mbala Constituency), Chanda Chileshe Francise (Luwingu Constituency) and Kapasa Makasa Kalulu for Shiwang’andu Constituency.

“The experiment this country embarked upon since in 1991, the neo-liberal capitalist system, is coming to an end,” he said. “The Socialist Party is the party of 2021. You can live in your dreams; you can live in your denial about the so-called big parties. You are going to get a shock of your life. Your time has come to an end. Change is coming. Revolutionary transformation of this society is on its way.”

Dr Musumuli, the SP general secretary, said party mobilisers have been all over Zambia.

“We have lived in the villages. We have spent time and nights with our people, we listened to their cries, we have listened to their plight, we have shared moments of joy, but we have also shared moments of sadness,” he said. “And what is apparent is that the people of Zambia are fed up with the system that has failed. The experiment this country embarked upon since in 1991, the neo-liberal capitalist system, is coming to an end. This is a system that has marginalised the masses of our people. It has made Zambians into second-class citizens. It has made Zambians into slaves in their own country.”

Dr Musumali said many sectors of the society were not ready to continue being slaves in their own country.

“A small petty bourgeois elite continues to take power – it continues to betray the hopes of 1964. In 1964 Zambians stood and had tears in their eyes. They proudly sang the national anthem that said ‘Stand and sing of Zambia proud and free. Land of work and joy in unity’. Zambians today don’t have that pride. They don’t have the joy. They don’t have the work. And there’s no unity, there’s no peace in this country,” he noted. “Listening to the conversations from the masses of our people, they feel this is a total failure of a system. They feel this is a vehicle that is damaged beyond repair. You can’t fix it. If you come with solutions of you want to fix it, want to fix it, you are lying to yourself or you’re naïve. You can’t fix this.”

Dr Musumali said Zambia requires a transformation.

“Zambia requires a revolution. And that revolution is not going to be carried out by the same people that continue to betray our masses over the past 30 years. It’s impossible. It’s a contradiction,” he said. “Those Zambians that have been left out, the Zambians that feel this is no longer the country, it’s no longer a One Zambia One Nation but a one Zambia, two nations, they want to take power into their own hands. They don’t want to give that power, to delegate it as they have done over the years. And we are listening.”

Dr Musumali said a process where the people themselves were looking at each other and “are saying ‘you, one of us, are going to represent us’. No longer that greedy petty bourgeois elite. That process has begun and that’s part of the Zambian revolution”.

“So the 2021 elections are not about status quo. They are not about Dununa Reverse. They are not about fixing. A revolution is coming – of the masses, of the people that have been betrayed for all these years. And they are looking around amongst themselves,” he said. “They are choosing their own leaders. Today were presenting to you nine of them from constituencies in Muchinga, in Northern, one constituency in Luapula, and we have one from the upper part of Central Province. These are comrades the live amongst the people. They are part of those marginalised communities. These are comrades that on an everyday basis hear the songs, the cries and the pain of our people. These are not millionaires. These are not your average businessperson. These are humble, committed but people that are loyal to the Zambians. These are people that over the months have committed fully their lives, their security, to serving those constituencies where they live.”

Dr Musumali said a number of other provinces have embarked on the similar process.

“Very soon we will be announcing a number of candidates from other provinces. Eastern Province, those of you listening, you are doing a good job. And the names of candidates you have given us, we are processing and we will be soon announcing and sharing with the country,” said Dr Musumali. “Southern Province, the same story. Central Province, Copperbelt Province, ba kopala, I’m proud of the work that you are doing there. The Socialist Party is the party of 2021.”

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