Charity Katanga advises political actors not to put the Zambian police in danger by violating Covid-19 regulations.

Charity Katanga, Deputy Inspector General of Police, has advised political actors not to challenge the police by breaching Covid-19 procedures, and that Zambia Police would not allow being dared by political parties that seek to disobey health officials by organizing political gatherings.

The Deputy Inspector General was speaking in Kawambwa Constituency, where she was to examine the security situation in the aftermath of small pockets of violence that occurred immediately after the nominations.

She said the Electoral Commission of Zambia and President Edgar Lungu have been on record discouraging Covid-19 high-spreader events such as rallies, hence the need for the Police to enforce the health regulations.

Mrs. Katanga has now recommended political parties to canvass votes through other channels such as Internet and print media. Mrs. Katanga has warned Kawambwa’s violent abusers that they would be arrested and imprisoned if proven guilty.

The Deputy Inspector General revealed that she and Luapula Police Commissioner Chilije Nyirenda had approached political groups implicated in violence in Kawambwa.

Mrs. Katanga stated that tranquility has returned to Kawambwa as a result of increased police presence.

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