Chief Nkweto urges lawmakers to accept the election results.

Chief Nkweto of the Chinsali Bemba people has urged all politicians petitioning for the August 12, 2021 elections to avoid unnecessary violence and to be calm and unified.

Chief Nkweto stated that politicians have the right to challenge elections if they suspect any electoral malpractice during the process, but they must preserve democratic principles.

The traditional elder asked politicians to always accept election results and to maintain peace and unity for the sake of the nation.

”We know that each of them has the right to petition the elections but they should do it as per Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) code of conduct and no violence should be recorded,” he said.

And Chief Nkweto has since congratulated and urged President Hakainde Hichilema to propel Zambia to economic development.

”The victory of President Hichilema is God’s will which cannot be taken away from him for he fought for it for many years,” Chief Nkweto said.

The traditional leader is expectant of President Hichilema’s promise of inclusiveness of all Zambians in his administration.

”God must grant the people you will appoint in your new government spiritual protection and wisdom as they work for the citizens of this country and am confident that the country will experience vast economic development, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Nkweto has appealed to Mr Hichilema to work with traditional leaders in order to bring development to the people in rural areas.

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