Currently, largely Zambia is owned by non Zambians



When we emphasize on the Zambia for Zambians Campaign, we simply mean Zambians should own Zambia.

Currently, largely Zambia is owned by non Zambians who will do everything within their means to keep it like this. They have invested heavily in politicians and businesses that support certain Zambian individuals in key political and business positions and make it hard for them freely bring out real issues.

Owning Zambia means cutting ties with these foreigners whose interest is to make profits on Zambian land, get key government contracts depriving our very own qualified businesses. Owning Zambia means cutting off all deals corruptly obtained. It means deliberately putting our own people in key positions of the economy. It also means doing away with foreign products that can be produced locally. Only through these and other measures will we as Zambians control our own economy.

Looking at our current and previous national budgets, we can already see the frustrating failures. A country run as a business, is a successful country. We cannot rely on donors to finance our own national budget. This kind of living can only be equated to a home that depends on its neighbour’s opinions to survive. We cannot have a whole government funding Agriculture without gaining any meaningful returns. As a business (country), investors (government) should expect profits from any investment poured into any department (sector). With so much wealth (land, water, minerals, youthful human resource), Zambia just through Agricultural (run by visionary people) can fund the whole national budget while other sectors support services such as Health, Education and Housing.

Coming back to the topic at hand, Zambians Owning Zambia can be achieved through serious scrutiny of all individuals vying for positions such as Presidency. A person vying for such an important and sensitive office should atleast have integrity. They should have a track record. Zambians should question and freely get answers about such an individual’s backgrounds. Better understanding if the person been chosen has a heart for the people of the country. In this age and era, choosing leaders with questionable backgrounds should be avoided. A leader vying for power in Zambia without a standing project but has invested heavily in other countries should be questioned. We also have seen leaders from very humble backgrounds captured by people with questionable characteristics, and ending up failing to inspire development because of their ties with wrong people.

Zambians must wake up. Zambians must realise that this country is the only country they can own and owe real development.

Stephen Nyirenda – NAREP President Friends | National Restoration Party

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