Death toll from COVID-19 surpasses 1.1M worldwide


The number of people worldwide who have succumbed to the novel coronavirus exceeded 1.1 million Thursday, according to Worldometer, which compiles COVID-19 data from around the globe.

Its website reported that the death toll from the virus has reached 1,101,420, while the number of cases across the world currently stands at 39,105,472.

The highest number of fatalities have been recorded in the US, with 222,656.

It is followed by Brazil with 152,460 deaths, India with 112,144, Mexico with 84,898, the UK with 43,293, Italy with 36,372, Spain with 33,553, Peru with 33,512, France with 33,125 and Iran with 29,605.

COVID-19, which was first detected in December in China’s Wuhan province, has spread to 189 countries and regions.

More than 29.3 million people worldwide have recovered from the virus.

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