Doctors in Nigeria have gone on indefinite strike.

Nigeria’s frontline doctors have gone on strike in response to an increase in Covid-19 infections. According to the country’s Association of Resident Doctors, the government has ignored their demands, which include months of back pay and bonuses for treating patients infected with the coronavirus. According to France 24’s Sam Olukoya, this is the fourth strike by doctors since the pandemic began.

In this issue, the UN also warns that jihadists in Burkina Faso are increasingly recruiting child soldiers. Burkina Faso has been added to the UN’s annual report on Children and Armed Conflict for the first time. Poverty, according to experts in child recruitment, is a driving factor in young people joining armed groups, while regional violence and the Covid-19 crisis are also thought to have made children more vulnerable. Aid organisations are urging a plan of action that includes education and psychiatric care for the young recruits.

Ultimately, Senegal is dissatisfied with France’s ‘European health pass.’ Many of the country’s 25,000 French citizens are unable to obtain the document because they received the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine, which has not been approved by European authorities. Travel and access to public spaces in the EU is difficult without the pass.

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