Dr. Banda, GBM, and Kambwili are the final nails in the PF coffin.


From August 12, 2021, Edgar Lungu and his crew have nothing fresh to offer the people of Zambia, according to the useless and humiliating Patriotic Front virtual gathering.

When the PF learned of the planned UPND virtual gathering on July 18, 2021, it is said that its Media Director, Antonio Mwanza, put together a team to pull a fast one. Borrowed ideas, however, disintegrate, as they inevitably do.

And, happily, the UPND’s virtual gathering was postponed, allowing Zambians to recognise the PF for what they are: a failed government led by a failed leader.

Allow us to make some very brief responses to three loud mouthed speakers; namely, Dr Canicius Banda, Chishimba Kambwili and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

By comparing the works of the PF Government to the works of one brilliant and progressive individual, Hakainde Hichilema; Dr Banda was publicly admitting ECL’s failures.

And in public speaking, a proverb is supposed to inspire the target audience and not expose the speaker’s poor judgement due to drugs or substance abuse.

For the benefit of Dr Banda and the entire PF, Mr Hichilema brings to the leadership table a well detailed transformational agenda for Zambia. He has also put in place a team of skilled and talented men and women of substance to re-unite and re-build our mother land as per UPND manifesto.

Allow us to use CK’s words back at him. Kambwili, naishiba umwine wa cisushi (he who broke the air).

The current price of mealie meal in Zambia is between K140 to K150 REBASED KWACHA per 25 Kg bag. In real terms, the price is supposed to be too high i.e. K140,000 to K150,000 UNREBASED KWACHA per 25 Kg.

By the way, does Kambwili know that the K50 and K100 notes are no longer in use from the time they were REBASED to 5 and 10 ngwee respectively. The rebasing of our currency did not add any buying value to the Kwacha.

While Kambwili is fooling himself on the internet by comparing prices with less understanding, Mr Hichilema is busy dealing with real issues affecting the people of Zambia. Thus far, he knows what his team shall do in the first 100 days in office as President of Zambia.

Iye tata (goodness me) the man manufactured to many lies against an innocent man which consumed all the saliva in his big body. Everybody saw white form collect on GBM’s lying lips.

From time to time GBM was soliciting for approval of his lies against Mr Hichilema from Dr Banda who was obviously in his own world influenced by weed.

We were curious to see were GBM’s speech was going, but soon realized that it was headed to a rubbish bin like always.


Mwango Wamapembwe

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