Dr. Hamukale abandons ship and resigns from the PF

Edify Hamukale, a former Southern Province Minister who ran unsuccessfully for Mazabuka Central Parliamentary seat, has resigned from the Patriotic Front.

Dr. Hamukale has resigned from the Patriotic Front and his position as a member of the party’s Central Committee. He has recently congratulated President Edgar Lungu for appointing him as Minister of the Southern Province, a position he held for five years.

Dr. Hamukale stated that President Lungu provided him with an opportunity to utilise his professional skills and grow as a leader.

He has since expressed gratitude to the public service, chiefs, the church, the commercial sector, and civilians, and has stated that he will remain patriotic to Zambia.


Below is the Press release

I wish to make it known that I have resigned from the Patriotic Front political party of the Republic of Zambia and have further resigned from my position as Member of The Central committee of the same party.

I sincerely thank President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for having appointed me As Minister of Southern province in which I served for five years scoring numerous measurable and visible economic development successes in the Southern province.

He gave me an opportunity to apply my profesional faculties and grow in leadership for which I am grateful as this benefited the citizens of our land.

I further thank the civil service, chiefs, the church, private sector and citizens who helped me ripen into the leader I am today. Longevity has its place in nature and history but the opportunity I was given is one that I will cherish now and in the distant days. I remain Patriotic to my Fatherland, Zambia

Hon Dr Edify Hamukale

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