During the campaign period, the Commission will closely examine how all political actors apply human rights.

According to the Human Rights Commission, the authority will closely examine how all political actors apply human rights during the campaign season.

The Commission emphasises the need of political actors being mindful of people’s human rights in order to avoid infringing on them when conducting door-to-door campaigns.

National Human Rights legal Counsel, Kims Banda said the commission will also closely monitor how the campaigns will be conducted, to ensure that fair play is exhibited as parties involved bargain for support from the public ahead of the August 12, general elections.

Mr Banda said this during a two day district political dialogue meeting held in Chinsali Muchinga Province, to discuss adherence to the Public Order Act, during the campaign period amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Do not infringe on individual rights in the name of conducting door to door campaign least you will be sued,” he said.

And Mr Banda has appealed to all political players to adhere to the advice and health guidelines that have been heightened, as the country experiences the third wave of the COVID-19.

Political parties in attendance also urged the police to be fair in regulating campaigns while preserving the peace and security of its inhabitants.

The political parties also agreed to organise a commision to investigate human rights breaches both during and after the campaign.

The group will comprise representatives from non-governmental organisations (NGOs), political parties, and a human rights activist from the district.

Because of the growing number of COVID-19 voters, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has stopped political party rallies.

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