Everyone understands that the UPND won the election fraudulently-Davies Mwila

Davies Mwila, Secretary General of the Patriotic Front (PF), has accused that the United Party for National Development (UPND) unlawfully won the recent general election.

Mr Mwila responded to accusations that he was responsible for the party’s election loss, saying that only opportunists who did not have the best interests of PF in mind were defecting and blaming him.

“Everyone knows that the United Party for National Development (UPND) fraudulently won the election, so there is no one who has the right to stand and point at another person as the reason for the loss,” he said.

Mr. Mwila said those who were shifting the blame on others were opportunists who were seeking favours from the UPND.

“They are saying that simply because they want to start dancing with the UPND,” he said.

Mr. Mwila said this was not the time to start pointing figures as there was a need to reorganize and plan on how the party would move forward.

He said the party needs to unite at this point and see to it that it offers proper checks and balances to the incoming government for the benefit of the Zambian people.

Mr. Mwila said the President-elect Mr. Hakainde Hichilema promised the country a lot of things that needed to be checked and ensure that they were fulfilled.

Mr. Mwila said there was no excitement that could call for one to shift to the UPND because they had not done anything for anyone yet. He said that the party still had a lot of supporters who were still willing to work with the party.

“We are willing to continue and move forward,” he said.

Mr. Mwila also said that those who were leaving should do so in peace without causing any havoc that would destroy a party that was recovering from a loss.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwila said the party would engage with well-wishers to help with repairing the party secretariat which was damaged by UPND supporters.

“We will engaging well-wishers to help us with the repairs of our secretariat,” he said.

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