Five Nigerian students kidnapped and released after a ransom was paid

Five more students kidnapped by gunmen from a Nigerian school three months ago have been released after ransoms were paid, according to the school administrator.

In July, armed men raided the school in Kaduna state, Nigeria’s north-west, abducting approximately 150 students, the tenth mass school kidnapping since December.

According to authorities, such kidnappings at schools in Nigeria were first carried out by the jihadist group Boko Haram, and later by its offshoot Islamic State West Africa Province, but the tactic has since been adopted by criminal gangs seeking ransom.

The bandits have been releasing the students in batches after getting ransom payments.

Reverend John Hayab, the administrator of the Bethel Baptist High School, said after the latest release, four students remained in captivity and the school was working to ensure they were freed soon.

“No student was released for free,” he told Reuters late on Friday. He declined to say how much was paid.

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