Food availability in the country is adequate – NFNC

According to the National Food and Nutrition Commission, the country has enough food to fulfil the dietary demands of the population.

According to National Food and Nutrition Commission Acting Executive Director Musonda Mofu, this is based on the commission’s estimate of the country’s food availability until April 2022.

“The commission notes that the country has adequate food to meet the country’s three indicators on consumption namely; Household Dietary Diversity, Minimum Acceptable Diet for Children and Minimum Dietary Diversity for women,” he said.

Mr. Mofu said analysis of the per capita provision of energy, protein and fat shows that the country can adequately provide over 2,100 Kilo calories of energy and 60 grams of protein per capita up to April 2022.

He further noted the great improvement in the provision of fish, animal and plant based protein in the country due to various measures that the government has put in place.

Mr. Mofu added that the government has through the national food and nutrition commission expanded coverage of the scaling up nutrition program in the country to cover up to `7 additional districts in order to stimulate nutrition improvement at household level using the Nutrition Support Group Model.

“The program is using the Nutrition Support Group Model which is an adaptation of the community care group model and other community approaches,” he said.

He has disclosed that the program is expected to be scaled up to cover the rest of the country in 2022 and has called upon all citizens to take advantage of this program to help improve food and nutrition at household level.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS by the National Food and Nutrition Commission in Lusaka today.

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