German Ambassador to Zambia Anthony Mukwita lauds company for agricultural development


GERMANY’S AMATHEON CREATES 2000 JOBS German Ambassador to Zambia Anthony Mukwita lauds company for agricultural development

Tuesday…January 11 2020 (Smart Eagles)

Amatheon Agri Holding N.V, the single largest private agro investor in Zambia from Germany must be commended for creating new jobs after introducing new agro products for export, Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita has said.

Ambassador Mukwita said he is pleased that, “the company led founder and CEO Carl Bruhn, a true friend of the embassy of Zambia in Berlin, continues to grow in Zambia and is creating new jobs for the season 2020/2021 as introduces new agro products on its food chain where none existed.

Carl Bruhn told Ambassador Mukwita in a written statement that Amatheon,“a new crop portfolio would include organic chilli for export known “Long Cayene Chilli’s which take only 15 days to germinate and about 85 days to harvest.

Because of this new product (Chilli), Bruhn said the company would now guarantee the engagement of about 2000 out growers this year which must double gradually at the end of 2022 to about 4000 jobs.

Ambassador Mukwita said, this is good news for Zambia because it encourages other companies in Germany to come and exploit or partner in the Zambian agro sector and create jobs for Zambians and earn foreign currency for themselves once they see Amatheon continue to grow.

The senior diplomat urged Zambians to be proactive and not be “passengers” by acquiring land and partnering with German business so that they can grow crops such as organic Chilli and quinoa for European export markets priced in US dollars.

“The good God blessed us with ample fertile land and water so let’s get our hands dirty and contribute food security and foreign currency earnings instead of waiting on President Edgar Lungu’s administration to do everything” he advised adding that Zambia already enjoys unfettered peace which is a huge ingredient for investors.

Amatheon is probably the largest privately owned agro company in Zambia after Zambeef and employs some 2,500 Zambians full time that pay taxes.

Ambassador Mukwita said the founder and CEO Bruhn ought to be encouraged for continuing to grow even under the cloud of COVID-19 that has shut down many conventional businesses and slashed government revenue collection.

“As part of our economic diplomacy we shall woo as many Amatheon types as possible to help grow the economy as we are blessed with 365 days or sunshine, peace and arable land,” ambassador Mukwita added.

Recently Amatheon introduced on its export food chain, a Quinoa, a high value crop which is now being stocked on European shelves after being grown from its Mumbwa farms.

Ambassador Mukwita said active Zambian participation through partnerships is important because, “Zambians are likely to reinvest in Zambia than their foreign partners.”

The diplomat said his aim is to bring as many German agro investors to Zambia as possible because agriculture is not only a labour-intensive sector but also has huge potential to earn forex.

This is according to a statement issued by Kellys Kaunda, the First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian embassy in Berlin,Germany.


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