Government warns bars and nightclubs against re-opening without approval


Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary Eddie Chomba has appealed to night clubs and bar owners to be patient and not reopen of their businesses in abrogation of the law.

He was speaking in response to the association’s warning yesterday that they would open their businesses with or without approval from the government.

Dr.Chomba has told the national broadcaster in an interview that the ministry recently held a consultative meeting with all stakeholders on reopening of bars and night clubs in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

He said the resolutions from the meeting were handed over to the Minister of Local Government, to present to the Republican President for consideration and further guidance.

He said it is disappointing that there are reports that Bars and Night Clubs Owners Association of Zambia want to tell their members to go ahead and reopen their businesses.

He urged them to exercise a bit of patience and wait for guidance from the President. Saying the government is aware of their financial challenges.


Government warns bars and nightclubs against

re-opening without approval the Business



June 13, 2020

A SHOWDOWN is looming between bar owners and police following a directive by the former’s association to its members to open their businesses today if they are not allowed to do so by Government.
But Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has warned bar and nightclub owners that they would face the wrath of the law if they dared opened their businesses without authority.
Bars and Nightclubs Owners Association of Zambia president Peter Mwale said in an interview yesterday that the
organisation held a meeting with Ministry of Local Government officials three weeks ago during which it was agreed that the businesses would soon be allowed to open.
Mr Mwale said the association was assured that its members would soon be allowed to start operating their businesses

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