‘How CRAZY is that?’: UFC president Dana White says the world is ‘f*cking bananas’ after alleged gunman ‘claims to be UFC fighter’


'How CRAZY is that?': UFC president Dana White says the world is 'f*cking bananas' after alleged gunman 'claims to be UFC fighter'

Dana White has described reports of an alleged gunman claiming to be a UFC fighter before shooting and wounding at least eight people in San Antonio as “f*cking crazy,” adding that bald men “walk around and say they’re me.”

The UFC president reacted with incredulity when he was asked about the troubling news in the aftermath of a card in Las Vegas on Sunday morning, admitting that he had heard rumors that the incident had centered around an assailant pretending to be a UFC fighter.

San Antonio police chief William McManus said the man, who has been linked to a drunken altercation at a nightspot that left five women and three men seeking treatment in a local hospital, had asked: “Don’t you know who I am? I’m a UFC fighter from California.”

“How f*cking crazy is that sh*t?” asked White, who said he had been informed about the alleged imposter “at 7am this morning.”

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“This world is just f*cking bananas right now.

“I hope it’s not true but I hear that sh*t all the time. You know how many f*cking bald guys in this town walk around and say they’re me?

“It’s mind boggling. If I told you some of these stories, you wouldn’t believe it. It’s just crazy. I’m hoping that isn’t the case.”

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The most serious injury from the fracas, which McManus said happened when a group was refused entry to a bar because of drunkenness, was suffered by an individual who was shot in the back.

“He walked back to his car, pulled out a rifle, walked back across the street and opened fire,” revealed McManus, describing the moments after the claimed link to the UFC was made.

“He hit eight individuals. None of them are deceased – they are all in a stable condition. We are still looking for the shooter. Detectives are canvassing the area right now.”

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