I never offered HH the house if he won-Lusambo

BOWMAN Lusambo has denied social media reports that he has offered to give his house to opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema if he wins the August 12th elections.

According to a widely shared social media post attributed to Mr Lusambo, he has offered to hand over his house to Mr Hichilema if he wins the presidential election.

Mr Hichilema appears to have accepted the offer and later tweeted, requesting that Mr Lusambo prepare the title deeds because he is confident of winning the election.

Mr Lusambo, on the other hand, claims he has never offered to hand over his house to Mr Hichilema or anyone else.

Speaking on Saturday Night Live programme on SUN FM, Mr Lusambo clarified that he never spoke to any Journalist or media institution about the issue.

“It’s not true. I don’t bet with losers. HH has already lost five times, why should I even waste my time betting with him?”

He added, “those are social media rumors and they should be ignored.”

Mr Lusambo who is the PF candidate for Kabushi Constituency said President Edgar Lungu is winning the election with a landslide and there should be no reason for anyone to stake a house to prove anything.

“Why should I offer my house when I know we have already won this election? It’s nonsense!!”

Mr Lusambo said President Lungu is assured of victory because of the many developmental achievements his government has scored.

He said the people of Zambia are resolved to give President Lungu a resounding victory in the August elections.

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