‘I used to hunt wild animals to feed my family,’ says fashion Sakala.

See reaction below:

@ Tarino Orange ,
This is Fashion Sakala`s legacy, and we need to take it as an inspiration than to be concerned with what the racist Scots will think.
I hope you living in the UK, you are not hiding the fact that you came from Zambian. A true person never hides his personal legacy. I personally, can relate to his story, I have settled outside Zambia, but I have never forgotten my roots to explain to my kids the type of life I went through, I have brought both my white wife and kid to visit the remotest area from where I came from. The point is that its a SIN that you were born black, these racist people will be racist regardless of your story. Therefore, be a man and never forget your roots! And this young man`s story should save as motivation, that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

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