I’m not leaving—Nevers Mumba

MMD New Hope Dr. Nevers Mumba, a presidential contender, has denied social media rumours that he was paid to imperil next week’s elections.

Dr. Mumba describes the rumours as terrible, claiming that they are being spread by his opponents in order to construct a false narrative about him.

Dr. Mumba stated on Facebook that he has strong principles and will not betray the Zambian people under any circumstances.

And Dr. Mumba has stated that he would have a news conference on Monday and has told his supporters that he will solely speak out against the myriad ills that are plaguing the country.

Dr. Mumba who insists that he is contesting next week’s polls says it is disheartening that people are alleging that he has received huge amounts of money to change his mind.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mumba has asked the Church to remain focused and pray for the nation as the country heads to the polls.

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