In a referendum, the Swiss will decide whether to allow same-sex marriage.

Switzerland, one of the few Western European countries that still prohibits gay marriage, will hold a referendum on Sunday to decide whether to allow same-sex couples to marry and have children.

The amended law has already been approved by the federal government and parliament, but opponents led by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) have forced a referendum under Switzerland’s direct democracy system.

According to the most recent poll, supporters of same-sex marriage were in the lead, with 63 percent of respondents in favour, but the “no” campaign has gained traction in recent weeks.

First indications from the vote are expected at around 1030 GMT and the final result is due later in the day.

The amended law will make it possible for same-sex couples to get married, and to adopt children unrelated to them. Married lesbian couples would also be allowed to have children through sperm donation, currently legal only for married heterosexual couples.

It will also make it easier for foreign spouses of a Swiss individual to get citizenship.

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