In the final count, HH receives 59% of the total votes cast.

In the August 12th general election, President-elect Hakainde Hichilema received 59 percent of the vote, with President Edgar Lungu coming in a distant second with 39 percent.

This is according to the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s total tally of votes cast in all 156 constituencies, which was announced yesterday after the final Mandevu Constituency was counted.

Mr. Hichilema received 2,852,348 votes. President Lungu was lagging in the polls with 1,870,780 votes.

This is the largest election victory margin since 1996, according to ECZ records.

This is also the biggest voter turnout since 2006, with 72.41 percent voting.

The UPND has managed to secure 81 seats with the PF getting 63 seats with 10 independents and 1 seat for the opposition PNUP.

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