In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, the ECZ has urged that international observers be barred from observing this year’s elections.

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Democracy and Motherland Defenders Coalition (DMDC) has asked the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to entirely exclude international observers from observing this year’s General Elections.

The Coalition’s spokesperson, Andrew Ntewewe, stated that the Coalition will solely be responsible for protecting the citizens from any additional disaster caused by the increased number of Covid-19 infections.

Mr. Ntewewe, who is also the head of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), stated today during a news conference in Lusaka that the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic’s third wave are a matter of concern.

“We would like to reiterate our previous call for the ECZ to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to limit the number of international observers. Given the development of the epidemic, we now recommend that the commision prohibit any international observers,” he said.

“This is extremely crucial if we are to curb the escalating levels of Covid-19. Already various countries are on lock down, hence it will only be responsible to protect our citizenry from any further calamity.”

Mr Ntewewe also mentioned that the health care system is already overwhelmed and soon may not take any more numbers of people needing health support.

He said it is therefore incumbent on all Zambians to act responsibly so as to save lives.
The Coalition’s spokesperson implored citizens to ignore political players underplaying the devastating impact of the Pandemic.

“We also wish to state that we find insinuations by some political players underplaying the devastating impact of Covid-19 preposterous and retrogressive to the wellbeing of our motherland,” he said.

“We urge citizens to ignore such leaders for they do not mean well for our motherland and the citizenry in general! They are hypocritical and hell bent on persuing State House at the expense of the greater majority of the people of Zambia.”

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