Intra-party Confusion Strikes UPND As Katuka Nullifies Elections Nkombo Upheld

In what appears to be total intra-party confusion and disorganisation, UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka has nullified newly elected executive committees for Nalikwanda constituency – an election that was initially upheld by the Committee for Elections headed by Garry Nkombo.

Citing irregularities as the reason for nullification, Katuka stated the election could not hold because of electoral malpractices.

However, sources told Daily Revelation that UPND national chairperson, who is also interim vice-president Mutale Nalumango forced Katuka to nullify the election because her preferred candidates lost.

Sources disclosed that when Nalumango realised that her preferred candidates had lost, she instructed them to petition Katuka to nullify the election, so that fresh poll could be held, where she hopes they would emerge victorious.

Sources said, Nalumango’s machinations worked as Katuka exactly yielded to her plans.

And in a letter dated September 4, 2020 addressed to the losing candidate Muzuki Masisani, who had petitioned the election, Katuka stated that he could not agree with the Elections Committee, headed by Nkombo due to perceived irregularities.

“Having looked at your petition dated 29th August 2020, which was addressed to the National Chairman, and having deliberated upon the merits of the petition, and the grounds relied upon by the Elections Committee for upholding the Nalikwanda election, the appellate body could not recognize either of the Committees for Nalikwanda Constituency due to irregularities. Arising from the foregoing, the appellate organ has resolved to nullify the elections of both committees and has directed that fresh elections be held where both committees will participate, based on the electoral college administered by the Party, in a free and fair election,” Katuka’s letter read in part.

Katuka warned those charged with the responsibility to preside over intraparty elections against interfering in the party electoral process.

In apparent reference to Felix Ngoma as one of the culprits, Katuka said Ngoma would not be allowed to supervise the next set of polls in the province.

“During this election and any other upcoming intra-party election in the lower structures, members of parliament and aspiring members of parliament are cautioned not to interfere with the electoral process,” stated Katuka’s letter which was also copied to other organs of the party. “Also note that the remaining elections in Western Province shall not be supervised by Hon. Felix Ngoma but by an appointed NMC member(s) to be communicated in due course; Mr. Ngoma will just be in attendance.”

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