Ndola ~ Wed, 24 Mar 2021
By Brightwell Chabusha
A Mpulungu man is tonight spending a night in a bus in Ndola, returning to his base completely shuttered, after armed criminals robbed him of K90,000 in broad daylight at gunpoint in a fake vehicle sale transaction.
The criminals pointed a gun at the man only identified as Mr Siingwa and threatened to shoot him after driving for a good 30 kilometres out of Ndola on the Ndola-Kabwe road on the pretext that they were taking him where the Canter was.
May be an image of car
Mr Siingwa, a resident of Mpulungu, had travelled to Ndola yesterday after contacting the people that had advertised a Canter for sale and an agreement was made that the transaction be sealed in Ndola.
Unbeknown to him, the so-called sellers were actually common criminals who employ different strategies to steal from unsuspecting Zambians like Mr Siingwa. These criminals even go to an extent of advertising their merchandise or services in newspapers without making anyone suspicious of their dealings. And they strike when one least expects.
This is exactly what they did to Mr Siingwa whom they even persuaded to speed up the process of completing the transaction before his arranged witness could arrive in Ndola.
The criminals drove Mr Siingwa to the bank to withdraw the money, picked him up and headed the Southern direction on the Great North Road after telling him that they were taking him to a place where the canter was.
However, after driving for about 30 kilometres when they reached a not-so-busy area, the criminals parked the car and pointed a pistol to Mr Siingwa’s head, threatening to kill him.
Without any hesitation, Mr Siingwa pleaded with the criminals to just take the money and spare his life and quickly jumped out of the vehicle and bolted, without caring about the stashes of notes totalling K90,000 which he had withdrawn.
Mr Siingwa found his way to the police station where he reported the matter and officers managed to view CCTV at the bank hoping to get leads that could see the capture of the smart thieves.
After lodging his report at the police station, Mr Siingwa returned to the guest house where he begged for a refund of the money paid for his room to enable him return to Mpulungu. He is currently at the Bus Station where he will spend his night in agony waiting for departure of the bus at 05:00 am.
Note: Picture for illustration purposes only!

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