MILES SAMPA LEFT MATERO PREGNANT , returning to receive a new born baby.

Miles Sampa, the PF Matero Constituency Parliamentary Candidate, stated that he left Matero Constituency pregnant and would return to receive a new born baby, hopefully a girl.

Mr. Sampa stated that people in the constituency had witnessed development projects initiated by him and the PF Government.

He stated that UNIP spent 27 years focusing on hand to mouth, MMD spent 20 years focusing on privatisation, and PF began addressing historical challenges by investing in water in 10 years.

The former Matero MP was speaking during a water and sanitation programme on Hot FM today, which was sponsored by Water Aid Zambia.

He stated that 30 percent of the Matero Constituency in Maiteneke was being worked on to improve water and sanitation.

According to Mr. Sampa, the PF was the only party with a documented manifesto that clearly committed itself to Water Resource Management on page 39.

He stated that beginning in 2011, the PF Government established a Government Ministry for Water Development, which resulted in the completion of water supply projects in Kafue, Nakonde, Chinsali, Chongwe, and Lusaka.

Mr. Sampa said PF further commenced water supply projects in Serenje, Mufumbwe and Kafulafuta, to supply Ndola, Luanshya, Masaiti and Mpongwe.

He said the PF Government completed six piped-water schemes in Central, Southern, Luapula and Western provinces.

Mr. Sampa said PF constructed 4,151 boreholes complete with hand pumps.

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