Mission Impossible 7 Gets Blowback From Polish Citizens Over Bridge Explosion



The crew for Mission: Impossible 7 wants to blow up a bridge in Poland considered to be a national monument and locals are not happy about it.

Production is getting ready to reboot following a coronavirus-related delay. The crew is looking to detonate a bridge in the village of Pilchowice. Deputy Culture Minister Pawel Lewandowsk has even said the bridge was decommissioned for public use in 2016 and has no cultural value.

”I would not be fixated on the fact that the Pilchowicki Bridge is a monument. It stands in ruins and has no value. Not all old things are monuments,” Lewandowsk wrote.

He continued, “The law clearly states that a monument is only that which has social, artistic or scientific value. In art and culture, that value only emerges when there is a relation between the cultural object and people. So if an object is unused, unavailable, it has no such value. Therefore it is not a monument.”

According to reports, the scene featuring the proposed bridge explosion will be set in Switzerland, where it was originally scheduled to be filmed. However, plans were changed after the Swiss government refused.

People on social media were split about what to think about the bridge’s destruction.

“How sky high does your ego have to be to think that your film is more important than a historical monument that can’t be replaced? Just use CGI to replicate, like literally every other film does when they need an explosive set piece at a historical location,” one person tweeted.

“Locals fear Mission: Impossible film-makers plan to BLOW UP historic #Polish bridge for a stunt in the latest Tom Cruise movie and plead with producers not to ‘destroy our heritage’, 495ft suspension bridge was built over #Poland’s Lake Pilchowickie in 1909, It was closed in 2016,” another user tweeted.

The film is expected to be released in November 2022.

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