Nabil Karoui, Tunisia’s former presidential contender, has been arrested in Algeria, according to media reports.

Algerian authorities arrested Nabil Karoui, Tunisia’s media mogul and former presidential contender, on Sunday after he entered the country illegally and surreptitiously, according to Tunisian media.

Karoui, the proprietor of the Nessma television channel and the leader of the Heart of Tunisia political party, the second largest in parliament, was detained alongside his brother, legislator Ghazi Karoui.

Karoui was released on June 15 after spending more than six months in Tunisian detention on money laundering and tax evasion accusations. His case is currently being investigated by the court.

Karoui previously said he was innocent and that his political opponents were behind his imprisonment.

Karoui has not appeared in public since President Kais Saied dismissed his prime minister, froze parliament and assumed executive authority last month, in a sudden intervention that his Islamist opponents have labelled a coup.

Tunisia state TV and Radio MosaiqueFM said that Karoui secretly entered the Algerian city of Tebessa and he will appear in Algerian court on Monday.

Officials in Algeria were not immediately available for comment.

In 2019, Karoui beat most candidates to reach a run-off for the presidency despite spending most of the campaign behind bars. He ultimately lost in a landslide to Saied.

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