Newlyweds among victims of Indonesia plane crash


Newlyweds among victims of Indonesia plane crash

Indonesian newlyweds, Mulyadi P. Tamsir and Makrufatul Yeti Sriningsih, who got married on Nov. 20, 2020, were among 62 victims of Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 plane crash.

Tamsir was the chairman of the board of the Islamic Student Association in 2016-2018.

Slamet Bowo Santoso, Tamsir’s younger brother, said the couple had just married recently in Pontianak, the capital city of the West Kalimantan province.

Aside from his wife, Tamsir’s mother and younger sister were also on the flight.

“Four members of our family died at the same time,” Santoso told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday while visiting the National Police Hospital to submit data of his family members.

Santoso said his brother lived in the capital Jakarta but resided temporarily in Pontianak.

“He departed for Jakarta last Monday to take care some business and he was planning to return on Thursday but had to delay it until Saturday,” he said.

“We will not get our hopes up since only small parts of the bodies have been found so far, but I hope all goes well,” Santoso added, referring to the identification process.

Santoso said he plans to bring his family members’ remains to his hometown for proper burials.

The Indonesian passenger aircraft with 62 people on board crashed into the sea on Saturday after taking off from the capital Jakarta.

The plane had 50 passengers on board, including 10 children, and 12 crew members, according to authorities.

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