Over the recent years we have seen a rise in cultic behavior from members of the UPND


Over the recent years, we have seen a rise in cultic behavior from members of the UPND. These cultic tendencies were introduced by Hakainde Hichilema just when he ascended to the helm of the party in 2006. Cultism in the UPND has now become so entrenched that even its own Members of Parliament do not have minds of their own. UPND MPs have been reduced to dunderheads whose job is to parrot Mr Hichilema’s thoughts.

Further, the coming in of Mr Hichilema in Zambian politics saw the rearing of the ugly head of tribal politics. Mr Hichilema and his supporters publicly declared that the great Anderson Kambela Mazoka could only be succeeded by a Tonga and with Mr Hichilema’s stay in politics, we have seen the despicable regional voting become almost acceptable, case in point; Dundumwezi 2016.

With Mr Hichilema heading the UPND, the party has become bloodthirsty. The proclamation of Mapatizya Formula has never been undone by Mr Hichilema and has since been adopted as the official UPND policy position and we have seen it implemented fully during several by elections.

It is therefore hypocritical for some UPND members to stage online protests about a 45 second clip showing Fr Lastone Lupupa, SJ addressing his flock about a leader he feels should rule his beloved country, Zambia. The same right that UPND members seek to enjoy to freely condemn another person’s opinion is the same one they should allow Fr. Lupupa, SJ to enjoy and freely hold an opinion and freely express it. No matter how one feels about the remarks, Fr. Lupupa, just like 18 million Zambians should be allowed to hold his opinion and be free to share it.

However, what I find nauseating is that the same UPND members who openly support characters like Seer 1 to degrade the image of Zambia, freely insult the Head of State and wish death and calamity on the Republic are the ones throwing tantrums over Fr. Lupupa’s words.

To the UPND, when Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu declares that there will be bloodshed after August elections and when Bishop Mambo openly insults national leaders, they refer to them as men of God who love Zambia but when Fr. Lupupa declares that a Zambian President ought to humble oneself, love God’s people more and preach love and denounce violence, then he has committed a crime and should be crucified. That is the highest level of hypocrisy and double standards shamelessly at play.

Between Seer 1 and Fr. Lupupa, I believe Fr. Lupupa has a well-defined Locus Standi to openly discuss merits and demerits of a Zambian President. The other one is an imposter, a fraud, a fugitive who should stay away from all things Zambian.


The Holy Book in John 8 v 7 instructs us that, “The one sinless among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” It is clear that the UPND wants to take issue with Fr. Lupupa because he served them their own medicine and they have discovered that it is actually bitter.

If UPND members choose to condemn Fr. Lupupa, SJ, they should also condemn Mr Hichilema for his role in privatization which has claimed people’s lives and almost turned Copperbelt into a ghost region. They should also start online petitions condemning their use of violence in politics and their open practice of tribalism.

By calling for Fr. Lupupa’s head, the UPND members are behaving like the Romans who crucified Jesus Christ at Golgotha.

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