PayPal’s touch-free transactions are helping small businesses adapt safety measures


With shutdowns, social distancing, mask requirements and other COVID-related safety guidelines in place, the current pandemic has been tough on many businesses. Interacting with and serving customers safely has become a widespread concern for a broad range of companies, from large restaurants and retail stores to smaller businesses like food trucks, bodegas and dog walkers. Fortunately, PayPal has a touch-free payment solution that enables business owners and customers to sell and buy products or services more safely.

PayPal QR Codes offer a touch-free payment option that allows fast and seamless transactions without the need to handle cash or credit cards. For small-business owners, the set-up process couldn’t be simpler. Just download or open the PayPal app, click on the QR code generator, and then print and display it wherever you do business. The entire process only takes a few minutes!

PayPal QR Codes also make the experience quick and easy for customers by allowing them to use their smartphones as the QR code reader. Just open your camera app or the PayPal app, scan the QR code, and pay! The PayPal app will automatically generate a payment confirmation for every transaction processed.


To help businesses adapt to touch-free payments, PayPal is waiving seller transaction fees on QR Code transactions until 2021* and reduced transaction rates after.

PayPal QR codes help keep businesses and customers safer through touch-free transactions.

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