PF continues to question the Commonwealth’s silence in the face of what it describes as UPND violence.

The Patriotic Front has questioned the Commonwealth’s silence in the face of the opposition UPND’s continued violence.

Hon Davies Mwila, Secretary General of the PF, says it is regrettable that the Commonwealth and other stakeholders have remained silent in the face of the UPND’s continued attacks on PF members and destruction of their property.

Speaking when he addressed party officials and members at Matero Community hall, Mr. Mwila accused the Commonwealth of siding with the UPND as they are always quick to speak against violence when it is allegedly caused by the ruling party.

Hon. Mwila’s remarks follow the recent destruction of party property in the Sioma, Chawama, and Mandevu constituencies by suspected UPND cadres.

He has also expressed concern that the Commonwealth is always quick to meddle in African affairs but cannot do so when the same thing is happening in the West and other European countries.
Since then, the PF Chief Executive Officer has directed his members to be on high alert in order to thwart any plans for violence against them by the opposition party.

Mr. Mwila further warned that the party will not sit idle and continue to watch its members being attacked and their property being destructed by the opposition but will stand up and defend themselves.

Meanwhile, Hon. Mwila is confident that President Lungu and the PF will receive 100% of the vote in Lusaka due to the unprecedented development that his government has implemented in such a short period of time.

He stated that the PF government has accomplished more than the UNIP and MMD governments, which ruled the country for 27 and 20 years, respectively.

The PF Secretary General is holding campaign meetings and inspecting campaign command centres in all Lusaka district constituencies.

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