Fellow Zambians, if you had no reason to vote the Patriotic Front (PF) out of power in 2021, here it is – the deliberate, premeditated, evil destruction of our economy and consequently our country and our lives.

At the stage where the PF have brought this country, ONLY a CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT will deliver a semblance of salvation for our country. Anything less and we and our children will perish in our own country.

For the past 9 years of being in power, the PF regime have been borrowing on average $2bn PER YEAR! This is close to $18bn in 9 years. And for the economy the size of Zambia, it is NOT possible for the economy to fail after injecting $18bn into it – it is just NOT possible!

I want to reiterate and emphasize here, just as I have done on numerous occasions, that 82% of ALL our debt has been stolen by the PF. We know from basic employment statistics, that $500m is able to create at least 153,000 jobs for the youths. How does the PF explain the failure to create adequate jobs, with close to 50,000 trained teachers on the streets and yet they still continue to make noise about how they have spent $20bn!

Fellow Zambians, there shall be a price to pay by all of us arising from the ECONOMIC CRIMES committed by the regime against the Zambians people.

Let me put this into context for everyone to understand:

Zambia needs around $600m every month to spend on a combination of the following:

1. Fuel
2. Food
3. Medical supplies
4. Fertilizer
5.Debt servicing…… as well as other much smaller import requirements.

Government revenue has shrunk to less than $120m per month. I do not need to explain to you the problems we are in.

If the PF cannot afford to pay $42m in debt repayments, where will the $600m come from to keep the country running?

So, soon enough, the language which even the dumbest cadre will be able to understand will be upon us as follows:

1. Fuel shortages as government runs out of money to import fuel

2. Shortages of medicines and equipment, something we are already experiencing

3. Empty shelves on shop floors

4. A spike in commodity prices such as mealie meal and other essential commodities

5. Shops closing down as demand falls

6. Kwacha will touch K100/$1 very quickly as the currency crushes

7. Government will start failing to pay salaries of civil servants

And while this will be going on, our lenders will be on our doors demanding SOMETHING in return for their money, and pressure will be upon the regime to relinquish key national assets – ZESCO, ZAMTEL, AIRPORTS, POWER STATIONS, MINES – basically anything of value that lenders can have in exchange for their money.

And do not expect any free cookies off China either. If and when China decides to help, which I know they will not, they too will want something in return.

Zambia is now BLACKLISTED from all global capital markets, and for the next 5 – 10 years, we will never be able to raise money using sovereign guarantees because this is worth nothing right now.

And as I end my lamentations, let me be very clear; there will be no reprieve for the criminals in the PF regime for the economic crimes they have committed against our country.

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