Political parties are being asked to foster discussion.

The Katete District Dispute Management Committee has advised the district’s political parties to foster and use conversation as a tool of conflict resolution.

Committee Chairperson Thomas Phiri stated during the committee’s involvement with political parties that many electoral and political problems may be handled via conversation and respect for one another.

“By conversing and engaging with one another, we may accomplish more. “We should keep in mind that even after the elections, we will still be Katete residents,” he stated.

Rev Phiri was replying to questions from Suzyo Mthonga, a spokesman for Micheal Banda, an independent candidate for the Mkaika Constituency, and Peter Ndhlovu, a representative for the Socialist Party.

Rev Phiri warned political parties that there would be life after the polls, therefore there was no need to resort to violence.

He also asked the various political groups not to take the law into their own hands when provoked, but instead to engage in conversation, report to the police, or report to the conflict resolution committee.

“We know we are closer to the D-Day and tempers flare. We are against taking the law into your own hands, we want to maintain the same Katete even after elections,” he said.

He also advised political parties to continue working with the committee after the elections in case of post-election problems.

Earlier, Suzyo Mthonga, a spokesperson for Micheal Banda, an independent candidate in the Mkaika Constituency, asked to know if the Electoral Commission of Zambia had implemented any steps to reduce the pulling down and removal of political party posters by competing political parties.

“Most of the times we put up the posters, you will find that people have removed them and sometimes these people are unknown,” he said.

Meanwhile, Peter Ndhlovu a representative for the Socialist Party raised a concern as to how long the conflict management committee stays in effect.

“There are cases where election results have been announced and people start to fight and insult each other over the results. So I want to know how long the committee stays in effect so that once these arise, it is easy to report,” he said.

Katete has not recorded any conflicts, as misunderstandings are being amicably resolved among political players.

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