President Edgar Lungu values the youths and will prioritize their welfare, Sports Minister


Youths, Sport and Child Development Minister Hon Emmanuel Mulenga have assured youths in the country that President Edgar Lungu values them and will prioritize their welfare.

The Minister said this in Lusaka on Friday afternoon when he engaged the youths from four provinces to discuss how to enhance youth participation in available economic opportunities in mining, construction, agriculture/aquaculture, and manufacturing.

The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Child Development in partnership with the National Youth Development Council.

Hon Mulenga disagreed that the meeting has been hurried according to social media reports and said the government has instead responded to the cry by the youths to be heard.

“We heeded your call to dialogue. I want to ensure that these meetings are held every two months,” he said.

He directed the National Youth Development Council Secretary David Musonda to ensure that such meetings are spread to all the provinces of the country.

He said even those that have shunned the meeting are welcome and find amicable ways to engage the government on issues affecting them.

He reaffirmed President Edgar Lungu’s commitments to the concerns, challenges, and recommendations of the youth.

“His Excellency President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia is growing our youth population into responsible and productive citizens. Therefore, the government is providing a conducive environment for the youths to full actualize their full potential,” said Hon Mulenga.

“I wish to inform this gathering that the government of His Excellency President Lungu is aware of the challenges faced by the youths which include; youth unemployment, limited access to affordable loans, user-friendly business financing, limited participation in governance among others.”

Speaking earlier, Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Child Development Permanent Secretary Joe Kapembwa said the government has provided a platform for youths to engage with the state on issues affecting them.

Mr. Kapembwa said the meeting was called to hear from youths as they called on the government to listen to them through different platforms such as social media, print and electronic media.


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