Press statement for immediate release by Sikaile C Sikaile Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International



Press statement for immediate release by Sikaile C Sikaile Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International


President Edgar Lungu and state are behind the killings;No sir! Not Pawns But Human Beings!

The sanctity of life demands reverence and deathly silence on the part of the living. Every death should remind us of our own death which is certain. When human life is lost in avoidable and clearly human orchestrated circumstances, we are all expected to be in shocked silence and utter resignation. Not the unrestrained censure on the dead and their grieving families.
We condemn in the strongest terms the heartless and careless statement issued by Edgar Chagwa Lungu on the cold blood killings of Joseph and Mr. Nsama which we are 100% sure that it is a state house project aimed at undermining our democracy by accusing his opponent Hakainde Hichilema.

Who in their right frame of mind would refer to fellow humans as pawns? Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu in his monologue said,” In short we have become pawns in other people’s games.” What game is he referring to when families are right now permanently disrupted? If closely analyse Lungu’s monologue was confirming our earlier communique that PF and the Police would be field testing their Anti- riot equipment to create public fear. The death of Mr. Nsama and Joseph was sanctioned by the state as a way of dismantling the opposition whirlwind sweeping the country. Who uses live bullets on defenseless citizens? Who fires in the crowd and not in the air to disperse crowds of unarmed civilians? The killers were executing orders given to send a strong message to the public and no one can give such orders apartfrom Mr Lungu.

Its very stupid for Kanganja to issue a statement to the effect that the bullets used are different from the Police ammo? How many guns and Police uniforms have they issued to Cadres? Since when have had this level of efficiency in the Police where they could issue a factual statement within hours? This cover up is rushed and porous. Even a nursery level kid can see these naked lies. How many people have been killed for years now without a statement from the police or indeed from Edgar. This rush for a speedy investigation is very incriminating. What is new in the police that will enable them to conclude the investigations by Monday when so many deaths have been shelved aside. The gassing and city marked terrorism is quiete to this day.This is a laundred move to win public confidence.

But at what cost? To Edgar, the two dead family men are mere pawns in his game of Chess. Highly disposable and rightfully disposed to secure his third term.Edgar Lungu should be told that while these are mere pawns in his eyes, they were father’s, brothers, sisters and breadwinners to their families. While he calls them pawns, they leave behind orphans and wives whose Government can not support. Why have you allowed this killing? Mr Lungu has admitted in his speech that he has no sorrow in his heart over these deaths. He says,”Even after being cautioned against going to the police station in this particular case, citizens, many in sponsored transport traversed the city…. In other words he is saying, you were warned and since you defied the warning, don’t blame anyone for your death. This is how insulting his statement is to our nation.

Who says such things to the dead and the bereaved families? The blood of the slain is still oozing and the head of state can have the audacity to defend the killers! Zambians are willing to take your bullets because of the anguish you have brought upon them. Yes you laugh when they say that things are not ok. This is why you call this a game of pawns. This is why you continue to kill Mr Lungu. To you, it a game. This is why you protect killers and criminals. This is not new however, Mr Lungu has defended all the killers and criminals before because they were operating under his orders.

He further says,” multitudes of uninvited citizens thronging the Police station”What was that about? he asks.
Well to answer you Sir, that was about;

* An innocent man you have arrested more than 17 times
*A man you Jailed for 127 days without a case
* A man you tried to kill several times
* A man the Zambian People see as their only hope for your mess on the Zambian Economy
* A man bringing hope to the despondency you have created in our nation.
* A man who offers hope for the restoration of the Democracy you have sodomized.

This is not a game. Its serious business for the many Zambians made destitute by your grand Corruption and failed policies.The multitudes you saw gathering on Wednesday are a representation of the many Zambians bleeding in their hearts day and night.Why kill the Zambians twice? Do you still have any moral conscience? You know in your heart of hearts that you issued the instructions those killings. Kampyongo and Esther Katongo carried your orders to the letter. Kanganja executed the plan as laid down, so ehat investigations are you talking about. If you were innocent, you could have condemned the use of live bullets on innocent civilians. A live bullet fired in the crowd will always hit a target.

These were your instructions. No matter what happens, may the innocent blood fight for justice to the bitter end. In your speech you have blamed the dead and protected the killers. Monday is coming, you will still cover the killers as per your custom. On Monday we are also demanding to know the gassers, the killers of Matapa Glayzia, Mapenzi Chibulo, Vespers Shimuzhila, Mukonka Malesu, Obed Bwalya Kasongo, Mark Choonga, Mwendamei, Lawrence Banda, Mbanga, Hardly, And many others. Should we continue having a national day of fasting and prayer? Should taxpayers continue bankrolling the Ministry of Religious Affairs and national guidance? A Rabid, dumb and toothless ministry? Let’s Zambians judge as we mourn our martyrs. Pawns to Edgar Chagwa Lungu, but fathers and husband to the now widows and orphans.

May the almighty God remember all the victims of this state sponsored killing.


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