Priscilla Chibamba, a gospel singer from Zambia, has died.

Ms Priscilla Chibamba died in Seattle, Washington, according to the Organization of Zambians Abroad (OZA).
Ms Priscilla Chibamba was a Victory Ministries lead singer who was well-known throughout Zambia for her singing Ministry during the ZAMBIA SHALL BE SAVED episodes of Victory Ministries led by Pastor Nevers Mumba in the early 1990s.


Dr and Mrs Nevers Mumba paid the following tribute to Priscilla:

This morning, my wife and I have woken up to terrible news. Our own daughter in the Lord, Priscilla Chibamba has passed on.
She died in Seattle, Washington on Thursday.
Priscilla was amongst many young women and men who came to know Christ through our nationwide crusades dubbed “Zambia Shall Be Saved” in the early 90’s.
She was raised in the Victory Bible Church, the congregation I pastored for over two decades. She was gifted, anointed and a vibrant young lady. She attended our Victory Bible college and became the pioneer of Gospel Music in Zambia. Her unique voice and singing gift brought her on my crusade team in the early 90’s. She became our crusade soloist in all our Crusades and later became a national phenomenon on our popularized Zambia Shall be Saved Television broadcast on which she featured on a weekly basis to a captive Zambian audience. Her influence went beyond the boundaries of our country into Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, RSA, Swaziland, DRC and other nations where we held huge Victory Gospel Crusades. Priscilla was by and large, the most recognized pioneer of Gospel Music in the nation. She was loved by many.
We later sent her to Dallas, Texas where she furthered her theological studies at Christ For the Nations Institute. She later settled in Dallas with her Zimbabwean husband David and raised a family.
She has left a beaten trail for the younger generation of Gospel Artists to follow.
My family, the extended family of Victory Ministries World Wide and the Zambian people will miss her greatly.
Our deepest condolences to the family. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding calm your hearts today and always.
You may now rest in your father’s bosom hand maiden of the Lord. So, long, so long Priscilla.


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