Right-wing & BLM protesters face off in London, police intervene


Right-wing demonstrators have hit the streets of Britain’s capital, vowing to “protect” historical monuments from anti-racism protesters. The gathering escalated into scuffles with police, as well as with rival protesters.


Following days of unrest involving protests against racism and police brutality, right-wing groups took to the streets of London on Saturday. The protesters condemned Black Lives Matter demonstrators and vowed to protect historical monuments from them.

Multiple monuments, some linked to Britain’s colonial past, have been vandalized in London and elsewhere in recent days. Several statues, including one of Winston Churchill outside Parliament, have been put into protective coverings by the authorities.

While the demonstration remained peaceful for a while, some protesters became unruly and scuffled with the police, who have a heavy presence in central London. Some right-wing demonstrators were seen making gestures that appeared to be Nazi salutes.

Some protesters became hostile towards the press, and several reporters were attacked. Footage from the scene shows a reporter with a bloody nose being led away by police while protesters hurl insults at him.

The right-wing protest ran into anti-racism demonstrators at Trafalgar Square. The rival groups were seen pelting each other with various objects and fireworks, but were promptly separated by police.

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