Ritaa glows in Mubwere song, collaborates with Piksy


Malawi urban artist songbird, Ritaa is back with two singles currently buzzing on local airwaves and making rounds on social media.

Ritaa: In Mubwere she  sings the plight of most rural Malawian homes

One of her latest singles, “Kuwawa” featuring Piksy has been in the popular Made On Monday Top 10 chart on MBC Radio 2 for more than a month.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Ritaa revealed working on her debut album scheduled to drop in October, adding she will be releasing singles and videos to build up the hype.

“I have released two singles in 2020. “Kuwawa” featuring Piksy and “Mubwere”. “Kuwawa” came out in late April, both audio and video. “Mubwere” audio dropped on Friday and the video will follow on Wednesday, 10th June,” she disclosed.

According to Ritaa, both songs were produced by Sispence.

“Kuwawa” was shot and directed by Vinny Visuals, and “Mubwere” was shot and directed by Ubwino.

Commenting on the new single “Mubwere”, she said, ” The song is a plea from a child to their father to return home. The father left home to seek greener pastures but never returned.”

She partly sings: Munachoka kuti mukukasaka ndalama (You left to look for money)

Mpaka lero simunabwelerenso (You have not come back to this very day)

Munachoka kutisiya ndi amayi athu (You left us with our mother)

Koma simunabwelere (But you have not come back)

Simumatumizanso chithandizo kunyumba (You do not even send us help)

Koma zoti mukuchita bwino tikumva (But we’ve heard that you are now rich)

Sitimadziwa ngati mumatiganizira (We are not sure if you think about us)

 Sitimadziwa ngati mumatikumbukira (We are not sure if you remember us)

What she sings is the plight of most rural Malawian homes. Faced with economic meltdown, most men leave their families for cities, and even South Africa to look for work and money.

Some of the men get caught up in their new life. When life starts working for them, they marry new wives and forget about families, leading to homes with absent fathers and husbands.

Ritaa made her first musical move in 2015 when she contested in E wallet national singing competition.

She however came into the limelight in 2016 after she dropped her first collaboration single “Chapatali” featuring Afro Pop singer Dan Lu.

Her previous singles include “Unaponda pati” in 2017, “Winner” in 2018, and “Sugar” in 2019

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