Stakeholders respond to President-elect Trump’s speech

The Alliance for Zambia Informal Economy Association (AZIEA) is overjoyed with Hakainde Hichilema’s victory as President.

According to ZANIS, AZIEA General Secretary Lameck Kashiwa praised President-elect Hichilema’s victory as a sign of the Zambian people’s faith and confidence in him.

Speaking today in Kitwe, Mr Kashiwa encouraged President-elect Hakainde Hichilema to investigate the concerns of the informal labourers.

He stated that the industry is hopeful that his administration will bring about change and relief in many sectors of the economy.

“Mr Hichilema must address the challenges in the informal sector workers face which include social protection and formalisation bargaining forums as platform for airing their concerns. It is important that workers have equal rights with those in the formal sector such as health and safety working conditions,” he stated.

He further observed that the rights and affairs of the informal sector has been disadvantaged and trumped upon for a long time now.

Mr Kashiwa said the association will offer criticism and provide solutions where need be.

And Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) Kitwe Coordinator, Rose Kapilya has expressed happiness with issues highlighted by the President-elect during a press briefing held yesterday.

Ms Kapilya pointed out that acknowledging the importance of uniting the country is more critical for development of the country.

Ms Kapilya said over the past years the country has witnessed political violence and disputes over tribe which threatened the country’s national heritage.

She said it is important that Zambians abide and follow the guidance as set by the President elect.

“We are happy that the country went to the polls and transition is peaceful. The President-elect has acknowledged the importance of uniting the country and it should be supported by all well-meaning Zambians. It is important that peace and harmony is embraced by the citizenry,” she emphasized.

Meanwhile, Ms Kapilya has asked enforcement agencies to clump down on unlawful cadres vandalizing Infrastructure and property.

She has described the act as harmful to the country’s economy and potential to destroy businesses which are creating employment base for the locals.

She has asked the Ministry responsible to put up measures to arrest the situation.

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