statement on Privatisation of any State Asset before or in the recent past



Emmanuel Hachipuka writes

Good morning fellow country men and women.
I wish to categorically deny ever issuing a statement on Privatisation of any State Asset before or in the recent past.
I want further to state that I have at no time ever sold to Hakainde Hichilema even a single cow. Besides, I have never at any time owned even a 1,000 cattle at one time in my life.
I also want to inform you that I am a founder member of UPND. I am and will remain a member of UPND. Let me also inform you that I am one of the surviving inner circle members of Upnd dating back to the Anderson Mazoka days. I have been and am responsible for his continued fight for a better Zambia. I remain resolute to our Upnd dreams of a better Zambia.
For me I will walk with Hakainde Hichilema, the same way Liso Mungoni walked with Harry Mwanga Nkumbula. Call us what you want but we shall remain resolute for a better mother Zambia
Nothing on this will move me from supporting this gallant son of Africa and Zambia in particular.
I have never sold to HH any cattle or anything for that matter. I can therefore not be a witness to nothing.
To HH I say carry on with our fight for a better Zambia. We are behind you my young. God almighty will one release us from this tyranny. If we were able to gain Independence why then would God not release us from this current mess, I ask?

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