Sunbird to supply Indeni with ethanol for fuel blending


Indeni Petroleum Refinery Company Limited has engaged Sunbird Bioenergy Africa in Kawambwa to supply the first consignment of ethanol that will be used in a large-scale pilot test on the feasibility of ethanol and gasoline blending.

Head of Research and Development at Indeni, ZEBED MWICHE was speaking shortly after a consultative meeting with the Ministry of Energy, the Energy Regulation Board -ERB-, Indeni and Sunbird Bioenergy Africa

Mr. MWICHE said Indeni conducted a successful initial test of a 30 percent blend in about five motor vehicles.

He said the ethanol and gasoline blending will reduce the cost of petroleum import by the Central government and contribute to environmental-friendly efforts.

And Sunbird Bioenergy Africa Chief Executive Officer RICHARD BENNETT is confident that his company will supply the first consignment of ethanol to Indeni in the first quarter of 2021.

Mr. BENNETT said his company will not wait for the construction of a commercial refinery but install a small-scale facility to enable it commence production by the first quarter of next year.

He said over one million litres of the commodity will be produced using cassava as a critical feedstock.

And Sunbird Head of Agriculture MARK MUCHINGA has announced that the cassava harvesting season will be launched at the Sunbird anchor farm in Kawambwa.

Mr. MUCHINGA explained that the first group of the Sunbird out-grower farmers under Sunbird will receive their first payments for the cassava crop during this year’s harvest.

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