The City of Lusaka urges event organisers to get permission and follow COVID-19 guidelines.

As a mitigating step, the Lusaka City Council (LCC) has advised the business community to follow the COVID-19 standards.

Mwaka Nakweti, LCC Public Relations Manager, told ZANIS that the council has continued to conduct sensitisation programmes and routine inspections of commercial premises and bars to emphasise the necessity of following to COVID-19 rules.

She said all businesses have been directed to follow the five golden rules which include ensuring that they make available handwashing facilities or hand sanitizers for their clients.

‘’ As Lusaka City Council we have continued with our sensitization programs and routine inspections of various business houses which also includes bars. We have continued to advise members of the public on the importance of adhering to COVID-19 guidelines,’’ she said.

She disclosed that the council staff have been conducting compliance checks in various places within the city and have also disinfected overpopulated areas such as markets and bus stations.

‘’ Our officers conduct compliance checks in a number of places around the city, other than that we have also been conducting fumigation of densely populated areas like markets and bus stations,’’ said Ms. Nakweti

She also urged bar owners to ensure that consumers of drinking establishments follow the requirements in order to prevent future spread.

In a similar vein, the council has asked the public to apply for permission to host events such as wedding showers and funeral gatherings through its offices.

‘’As the local government, we ask anyone who wish to assemble for various celebrations such as weddings, bridal showers, and the likes to apply via Lusaka City Council and only after permission is given can they go forwards with their festivities,” she added.

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